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5 Easy Methods to fix a Leaky or Runny Toilet

Leaky or runny toilets can really be hectic especially when you have visitors or when you just want to use the toilet urgently. Most toilets get leaking or runny issues when there’s much clogging within. Getting a plumber is also quite challenging or tricky at times, especially when it is very late at night. One of the most common causes of a running toilet is usually a flapper which doesn’t seal or if the flapper is shot. The fixes can be straightforward even if you do not have any plumbing…

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Preventing ATM Skimming Attacks

What is Skimming? Skimming is a fraudulent activity that involves the illegal transfer of payment data from the point-of-sale to another unauthorized location. Some examples of skimming include the stealing of PIN codes and credit card numbers or conducting ATM Skimming attacks. Criminals normally use this data to carry out fraudulent purchases by copying it on forged cards. Skimming can be done in different ways and skimming attempts can easily go unnoticed by the victims. Skimming can take place through a number of techniques such as installing hidden cameras to…

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