Artificial Neural Network used by Google to Identify Spam Email


    Google has recently released a new service for Gmail by the name of Postmaster Tools. This service helps large companies to avoid sending their emails in the spam folders of their clients. Now companies that send large volumes of emails are able to analyze their messages. They can easily get spam reports, email delivery error data and reputation analysis.

    Although this feature has been specifically developed for organizations, Google believes that it will help individuals as well. They will no longer need to open their spam folder for any potential important mails.

    Besides this tool, Google has also made use of the technology used in Google Now and Google search engine for Gmai. It helps it to learn whether an email is spam or not after once it has been marked as spam or not spam.

    Another technique worth mentioning is the use of Artificial Neural Network by Google which helps it to identify “tricky” spam. This helps in determining email impersonation that usually results in the generation of Phishing Scams.