Are Employers Preferring Candidates with Cybersecurity Knowledge?

Are Employers Preferring Candidates with Cybersecurity Knowledge?


Are you in the process of building up your resume? No matter what field you belong to, adding a few sentences about cybersecurity will make you a desired candidate for a potential job.

As costs related to cyber crimes are expected to reach 2 trillion dollars by the year 2019, recruitment heads of big companies are getting more under pressure to conduct cybersecurity awareness sessions for their employees. More than approximately 80% of malware turns effective only after it is able to surpass human interaction ( e.g. opening an email) and infect its targets. Hence, the need for more cybersecurity-aware employees has resulted in increased responsibility on organizations to train employees. Dell Secureworks points out that when employees are trained in cybersecurity, their companies spend 76% lesser on security issues. Still then, only 48% provide security training to new hires.

If you have little or no idea of what cyber threats are and how you should respond, check IT Security – Glossary of Terms by Sophos. Get familiar with common cyber threats. Perhaps you can then add a few lines of your awareness to cybersecurity in your resume and your LinkedIn profile.

As an example, you could write this in your resume,
” I have been trained to identify and respond to cyber threats and social engineering attacks.”

With a competitive job market with ever-changing dynamics, a little knowledge in cybersecurity can definitely make you stand out among other potential candidates.